General Information

School Policies
School policies as written and implemented by the staff and Board of Trustees are available at the school office for those who wish to obtain a copy. Please phone the school to request the policy you would like.

Non-smoking Policy
Kaeo School operates a Smoke Free policy, which is now a legal requirement. There is no smoking in the school grounds or buildings at anytime. This policy is in effect at all times, including out of school hours. Both the school and the smoker can now be fined for a breach of this regulation.

The PTA is the support body for the school. They organise some of the special events that occur around the school i.e. pet day, gala etc. PTA meetings are held at school, in the staffroom. Meetings are advertised in the newsletter and all members of the school community are welcome to attend and to get involved.

Kaeo School transport operates, via a contractor, eight bus runs in the Whangaroa district. Pupils who live further than 2.7 kms from the school are eligible for a place on a bus. Pupils who live some distance from a school bus route may be eligible for transport assistance
Pre-schoolers are not able to travel on school buses at any time. School staff and adult students at Whangaroa College are the only adults who may use the school buses.
Although we like to be able to get children to where the parents want them to be, it is not always possible for children to travel on a bus other than their own. Before you make arrangements for your child to travel on another bus, please check with the school to ensure this is possible. Some bus runs are very crowded and are not able to take extras.

Canteen & Breakfast Club
Our canteen operates at the following times:

  • 8:30 – 8:55am order morning tea and lunch orders.


We employ a canteen manager to order stock and serve food. We have a focus on healthy lunches.

A free breakfast club operates in the mornings before school and is available to all children.

Clothing / uniform
As part of our theme of pride in ourselves and our school, we encourage all children to wear our school uniform but it is not compulsory. The uniform consists of a blue T-shirt and navy shorts in summer. In winter there is a sweat shirt and track pants for the colder days. The uniform is a good quality and good value for money.
Swimwear should be brought each swimming day during the season, along with a named towel and a plastic bag for wet gear.

Dental Service
All children enrolled with the dental service, from preschool to intermediate age are seen by the dental therapy team once per year. While we have a dental clinic at school, the therapist is only on site for a certain time each year. We advertise the times the dental team is present.

Duffy Books in Homes
Kaeo School is a Duffy School. This involves a number of interesting events and opportunities for the children to meet famous and motivating people. The children receive books three times a year as well as having exciting and famous “Duffy Heroes” to talk to them and present their books.

Enrolling your child
Should you wish to visit the school, with your child prior to enrolment, please contact the school. We welcome your visit but prefer to know when you are coming. When you come to the school you will be asked to complete an enrolment form and a family profile for personal details.

The hot Northland sun makes it important that everyone wears a hat when outside during terms 1 and 4. Only Kaeo School hats are permitted to be worn and these can be purchased at the office for $10. Swimming caps, which are supplied by the school, must be worn for all swimming sessions.

Stationery packs are available for purchase from the school. We ask that parents purchase stationery as promptly as possible so that children are able to learn presentation routines and develop tidy work habits as quickly as possible.

School Hours
We ask that children arrive at school between 8.15 and 8.45 am. School ends at 3pm each day.

Bell times are:

8.55 am school starts

  • 11:00 Morning tea time.
  • 11:30 am end of morning tea timel
  • 1:00 pm lunch time
  • 1:45 pm lunch time ends
  • 3:00 pm end of school day – bus assembly.

Special bells:A continuous ringing indicates an emergency and the school should be evacuated immediately. The assembly point is on the grassed area at the front of the school

Term Dates for 2018
Term 1 Begins 7th of February ends 13th of April
Term 2 Begins 30th April ends 6th of July
Term 3 Begins 23rd July ends 28th of September
Term 4 Begins 15th of October ends 20th of December.

Uplifting Children from School during School Hours
In the event that you need to take your child from school earlier than the close of school, please inform the office and the class teacher of your intention. If your child is to be picked up by a person other than yourself please contact the office before the event. Unless they are being picked up or have a note, children are not permitted to leave the school grounds during school hours.

Visiting Children
Unfortunately we are unable to accommodate children visiting for short periods of time. Unless the children are enrolled at our school with the intention of staying, we are unable to admit them to our classes.

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