The Staff

We have a great staff here at the school.

If you need to get in contact with us use the email addresses below or use out Contact Form.

  Paul Barker, Principal,

Debbie Hancock, Deputy Principal, Teacher Room 4,

Rona  Lawson, Teacher Room 2,

Leah Foster, Teacher Room 3,

Stephanie Campbell, Teacher Room 1,

Natalie Carter, Teacher Room 5,

Christine Goscomb, Teacher Room 6,

Hilary Molesworth, Teacher Room 7,

Tahlia Howard, Teacher Room 7, 

Whaea Gee, Part Time teacher,

Sarah Mulcahy, Team Leader Teacher Aides,

Librarian – currently vacant.

Sharleen Smith, Teacher Aide.

Yvette McCarthy, Executive Officer,

Peter Goodwin, Caretaker.

Rodney Goscomb, Cleaner